Cofely complies with Riskenomics

Cofely, a GDF SUEZ company, a leading provider of energy, technical and facilities solutions, uses the compliance models of Riskenomics to great effect.

Cofely first introduced the service for their internal statutory compliance and piloted it with one of their larger more complex clients who has a high volume of statutory compliance inspections – 850 per annum to be precise.

Cofely was one of the first adopters of the compliance model and has tested the model to its limits, finding it to be robust. As with all software being tested, the team came back to us with a list of “it would be great if it could do this  …” items, many of which have now been incorporated into the standard model, with others in the development pipeline.

Cofely is now rolling out Riskenomics across its client base, as they feel the efficiencies across companies with multiple sites will be great.

Cofely has found that the primary benefit that Riskenomics has brought them is the ability to move their management reporting away from time-consuming historic reports into management by exception.

Riskenomics automatically lets the team know when something needs to be done by and changes statuses depending on whether they have been done or are overdue, going to amber or red, depending on the knock-on impact of them not being done.

This ability to fundamentally change the way they report has brought Cofely a huge benefit in terms of efficiencies and has been well received by senior management and contract managers.

It means than managers are not constantly looking over their shoulders – they get timely reminders instead. They also like the fact that it is web based and accessible wherever they are.

Riskenomics provides the team at Cofely with many additional benefits:

  • It avoids the need to attempt to gain access to clients’ systems
  • It prevents having to deal with numerous different systems working in radically different ways
  • It works as an umbrella tool for key statutory compliance above the client’s own systems

Cofely is also finding many advantages in using Riskenomics for its internal non statutory processes, such as specialist training reminders and personnel certification.

Chris Donohue, Compliance Manager at Cofely would recommend Riskenomics:

“Riskenomics has provided Cofely with a tool that provides both an enhanced ‘at a glance’ portfolio view of our Compliance status, and also a tool that allows us to move away from retrospective reporting.

“The Riskenomics team has been very receptive to the feedback received from us and has worked hard to enhance the system to provide an integrated solution.”

About Cofely

Cofely, a GDF SUEZ company is Europe’s leader in energy and environmental efficiency services, designing and implementing solutions to help businesses and public authorities make better use of energy, whilst reducing environmental impacts. Cofely offers a unique combination of service expertise, from the design, installation and management of local & renewable energy solutions, to the operational delivery of integrated facilities services.

Cofely in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (UK & ROI) has a turnover of £300 million, and employs 2,200 across 15 regional offices. Cofely operates on 13,000 customer sites throughout the UK & ROI, totalling over 12.4 million sq m. of managed space.

Cofely is part of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, one of the six business lines of GDF SUEZ which employs 77,000 people with a turnover of €14.2 billion in 2011. GDF SUEZ is one of the leading energy providers in the world, active across the entire energy chain. The Group employs 218,900 people worldwide, with a turnover of €90.7 billion in 2011.

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