Dashboards – turning data into highly visual information

There are many ways to turn this volume of raw data into key facts and figures upon which business decisions can be made: summary spread sheets, queries to create additional reports, even compiling data from several sources into one new report.

The trouble with all of these is that they usually require additional work, sometimes even re-inputting data – and all the inherent opportunity for error that entails. This can have a time impact as well, meaning that decisions may not be made based on real time data.

This is why we decided to work with Dundas Dashboards, which integrate seamlessly into the Riskenomics software and really bring the data to life.

We chose Dundas for these reasons:

  • Highly visual – very usable at-a-glance management information that tells you exactly what you want to know
  • Customisable – we set up the dashboards to show the information you want
  • Interactive – generating alerts when the status changes
  • For all applications – we can create dashboards for different levels of detail according to who will be using which. For example, the CEO will want a different dashboard to the head of engineering
  • Branded – the dashboards can be designed with your branding

Our clients welcome and value our suite of dashboards, which they feel put Riskenomics in a completely different league.

If you would like to find out more about how they work and see some examples, have a look at our Dashboards section.