Launch of new services and a new website

We have just launched our new risk capture module, our new suite of dashboard and you may have noticed that our website has changed somewhat.

We have rebuilt the site from scratch to make it fully responsive for mobiles and tablets, which will make reading articles and information on our site much easier.

The general style and branding remains the same, but with a little refresh. We have also included animations of our new suite of dashboards, as well as a section on our latest development, the risk capture module.

NEW – risk capture module

For the management information to deliver real business advantage, the risks must be captured and included within Riskenomics is a timely and accurate fashion. Our new risk capture module is designed to reduce manual entry and improve the quality of data input.

The questions are set in advance, as are the criteria for categorising the risk as green, orange or red. Stage-gates for the closure are set, which triggers workflows, alerts and escalation processes automatically.

The questionnaires have been designed to be used on a mobile device, particularly a tablet, which enables the user to undertake the risk assessment (RCA) and capture the risk live, without requiring a paper capture and then manual data entry. If there is no network coverage, the data will be stored locally on the device then uploaded to Riskenomics once back in coverage.

The user can upload and store any documentation alongside the risk, and also any photographs and video, including any that they take on the device they are using to complete the RCA.

NEW – enhanced dashboards

We have developed a new suite of dashboards that provide more management information with the ability to drill down into the detail from within the dashboard, as well as allocate tasks and escalate processes where necessary.

Our dashboards are designed to fully support the Corporate Real Estate (CRES) team with the management of all aspects of operational risk across their entire portfolio. The management information suite makes it quick and simple to provide reports and data up to the Board, to other teams within the business and to vendors.

The dashboards pull in data from the dependency models within the operational modules being used, as well as other data sources and live feeds to produce management information that very clearly highlights any areas of risk within the business.

BSCM Operational Risk

We have also redeveloped the website of our sister company BSCM Operational Risk. Whilst still offering all the services it always has, we have refocused the business on the provision of audit and assurance programmes.

We support a number of organisations with ongoing programmes of audits, generally of the hard and soft systems in their mission critical and critical facilities around the world.

The audits are designed to provide the assurance that the client’s risk and control assessment process is operating as it should and that risks are identified and managed in accordance with the risk appetite of the enterprise.

New phone number

We also have a new phone number – you can now reach us on 020 7100 9888.

Please do get in touch by phone or email if you would like to find out more about either the latest developments to Riskenomics or the BSCM audit programme.