Business continuity management

Business Continuity Management

Riskenomics is a vital tool for Business Continuity managers and the Senior Management Team.

In conjunction with our sister company, BSCM Operational Risk, we work with you to identify and prioritise the critical dependencies within the business and the potential areas of risk that result.

Our modelling approach focusses on the potential outcomes and contingency plans that result from failure, rather than the cause of failure. This provides for a more comprehensive and effective planning and modelling process.

With Riskenomics, you will have instant real time information on how every part of the Business Continuity plan is performing, with early warning of areas where action is required and clear management information on the impact of one potential failure on other parts of the business.

Policy and programme management

We provide access for all team members, instant management information, storage of all documentation and evidence within the models

Embedding BCM in the organisation’s culture

We bring all aspects of premises risk together on one platform for joined up management reporting and an enterprise-wide approach to BCM.

Understanding the organisation

We run workshops to identify business requirements, objectives and outputs to develop dependency models to identify gaps and interdependencies.

Determining BCM strategy

The next step is to incorporate the models into Riskenomics to develop the operational, disaster and scenario plans.

Developing and implementing a BCM response

We identify gaps between the current status and the business requirements to deliver the BCM strategy, as well as the cost of closing gaps, so that the enterprise can make informed decisions.

Exercising, maintaining and reviewing

With our instant management information you can see highlighted risk, using real time data, all presented in a highly visually dashboard.

And all this can be handled for one site, or for multiple sites around the world, providing contingency decision making based on current operational status of all sites.

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