Data centres



System failure is a nightmare for any business, but especially so for a data centre.

Riskenomics allows you to manage hard and soft systems such as:
  • Critical engineering and system failure impacts
  • Critical capacities
  • Operational performance
  • Risk register for areas such as equipment obsolescence

Riskenomics will bring together all your systems management into one single system, regardless of what type of centre you are managing:

Client owned/head office data centres

Client owned data centres bring with them greater challenges of security, with access to the whole site presenting risk to the data centre, plus additional project and operational risk factors in the building.

Riskenomics will manage your systems and processes, identifying areas of risk that need to be addressed to prevent any systems failure. Riskenomics is so flexible it can be used to manage the data centre operations and risk, while at the same supporting the whole business to manage the risk of all the other critical functions.

Colo data centres

In addition to managing all your critical engineering capacity and risk, Riskenomics provides you with a powerful sales tool, giving your customers confidence in the rigour of your systems and your management of your facility.

You can provide each client with a log-on to their own version of Riskenomics so they can see reports for the services they are using, providing transparency of service and a clear demonstration of the quality of your service.

You can set different levels of service, for example capacity management, for each different client, as well as managing the overall performance of the whole centre.

Outsourced total data centres

Riskenomics will manage and report on all your critical systems, also providing access to your client, so you have one single monitoring and reporting system that provides instant real-time management information.

Riskenomics is ideal for managing Service Level Agreements and your contract with your client, as well as providing a powerful sales tool when attracting and retaining your clients.

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