Facilities management

Facilities management


Riskenomics is an ideal tool for facilities managers, for both in-house and contracted services.

It allows you to manage these facilities management functions across the business:
  • Critical engineering functions
  • Compliance
  • Business continuity
  • Data centre functionality
  • Project risk

Riskenomics also provides you with facilities management tools, both internally and externally:

Process management

Riskenomics will model all your processes so that you can see current status and areas of non-compliance at a glance, as well as the ability to drill down into the detail of each area.

With all evidence and documentation being uploaded into the model, plus live feeds from building management systems and your critical systems model, you have a full and real time view of your current operational status at any given time.

KPI management

Reporting against KPIs can take time if you need to check various different systems and sources of information.The Riskenomics dashboard provides live management reports – all customisable according to your KPI reporting requirements. Because the system is live, all you need to do, to get whichever report you require, is press a button!

With Riskenomics, everything is in one place – data, information, analysis and documentary evidence. You get current operational status in real time and a rolling status, for instant reporting and escalation (if appropriate). Free up your people from checking multiple sources and spending hours on report production.

SLA management

Whether you are the client or service provider, you can use Riskenomics to manage performance against the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

With instant alerts, workflow schedules and remote access, monitor performance against the SLA and flag any potential issues before they become problems or non-compliance issues, thus providing both better service and avoiding penalties for non-compliance.

Contract compliance

Clients and service providers can also use Riskenomics to manage contract compliance, regardless of the service covered by the contract.Riskenomics will generate workflows and alerts, flagging any areas that need to be addressed before they become an issue, and provides detailed and live information on the current status of the contract.

With remote access, this allows access to both onsite and offsite review of compliance, allowing service providers the opportunity to deliver an enhanced level of service and performance to your customers.

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