Premises security is an important component of a Corporate Real Estate (CRES) risk strategy, particularly for those premises in parts of the world where the risks are far higher than in the head office country.

Theft, sabotage, industrial espionage and terrorist attacks are all scenarios that need to be planned for. Riskenomics can be used to run scenario planning sessions to identify critical systems needed for life safety, legal and regulatory compliance and availability of premises so that security safeguards and processes can be strengthened and tested on a regular basis.

With our security models you can bring together your security experts and your risk management experts to review your current strategy and develop revised plans where necessary across:

  • Physical premises – access points, visitor policies, secure areas etc.
  • People – training for awareness of vulnerabilities and approaches
  • Third parties – developing a fully coordinated approach and management of risk, which can be handled via our vendor module

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