Risk capture – Accquire

For the management information to deliver real business advantage, the risks must be captured and included within Riskenomics is a timely and accurate fashion.

We have been focusing on developing increased automation and use of fixed and wi-fi connectivity to reduce manual entry and data input error, as well as mobile technology to make data more accessible to users.

Questionnaire-based risk capture

Riskenomics features a sophisticated risk capture tool which is questionnaire-based. The questions are set in advance, as are the criteria for categorising the risk as green, orange or red.

Stage-gates for the closure are set, which triggers workflows, alerts and escalation processes automatically.

The questionnaire have been designed to be used on a mobile device, particularly a tablet, which enables the user to undertake the risk assessment (RCA) and capture the risk live, without requiring a paper capture and then manual data entry.

The user can upload and store any documentation alongside the risk, and also any photographs and video, including any that they take on the device they are using to complete the RCA.

All of these steps dramatically reduce the potential for input error, negate the possibility of a risk area to be missed during the RCA and add the data live into Riskenomics, feeding straight into the management information dashboards.

Live feeds and integration with other systems

Risk capture of live data from a facility can be fed into operational dependency models, either from building management systems or via the Riskenomics Integrator, which has an IP address and can be viewed from anywhere as an XML BMS page.

With live feeds you can:

  • Form an accurate operational status and capacity level with a far greater level of detail than that provided by the BMS
  • Set Green, Amber and Red thresholds at a site or central level and if a status changes, you will be able to see the trigger point
  • Set the system so that the flag cannot simply be cleared, but has to be checked and any resulting action must be completed first
  • Highlight the impact of equipment failure
  • When critical plant is taken offline for planned maintenance the models can be updated by the on-site team to show the impact to the business operation

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