Riskenomics supports critical computer room for international pharmaceutical company

During the design and build phase of a new critical computer room for a major pharmaceutical company the project risk management consultancy used dependency modeling techniques to identify areas of risk that were most likely to impact the working operational environment of the completed critical computer facility.

Co-operation from the entire project team and the development of a positive risk culture were essential for project success, as a result a series of twelve workshops were scheduled focusing on specific areas of risk.

The workshops were designed to create an open forum where all team members could debate design and associated risk issues, consider the wider implications of design change to the construction program and make a positive contribution to the project process. During these workshops, risks were identified and the mitigating actions planned and fully documented in agreement with the project team and the client.

Using the Riskenomics modeling tool, it was possible to build a dependency model with a user-friendly front end, to allow both the client and project team to understand both the operational and project risks and dependencies as works progressed. This common view allowed decisions to be taken with a clear understanding of the risks entailed, enabling an appropriate risk management strategy to be established.


The computer room was successfully completed in accordance with the client brief, with no unplanned disruption to business operations.

The computer room was provided with a new, dedicated services infrastructure with appropriate resilience and capacity for a critical facility, 24 x 7 business operation.

Engineering services operational risks were `designed out` wherever possible, where compromise was necessary appropriate risk mitigation and operating procedures were put in place.

Design and operational changes were made with the full knowledge and agreement of the client and project team, in order to reduce operational risk and introduce long term business operational benefits to the client.

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