About us

How we started

Our sister company, BSCM Operational Risk, originally developed a modelling tool to support its operational risk consultancy work.

So many clients asked if they could also have access, the directors decided to develop the modelling tool into a formal software platform that clients could purchase and have access to their own models and management information.

Two of the directors of BSCM Operational Risk, Glen O’Leary and Alan Taylor, formed Aadroit Systems Limited in 2004 to develop and promote Riskenomics. Aadroit is a privately owned self-funded and profitable company.

Since 2004, we have continued to evolve and enhance Riskenomics, adding new functionality and additional modules, such as the dashboards (Addvantage) and risk capture (Accquire) modules.

Our team

Glen O’Leary is the Managing Director of both Aadroit Systems and BSCM Operational Risk. Glen leads the design and development of the Riskenomics modelling software, managing the team of highly skilled developers and bringing the product to market. In addition to managing and growing both companies, Glen also provides operational risk and business systems management consultancy to clients including Barclays, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan.

With a degree in Engineering Product Design and a postgraduate qualification in Business Systems Analysis and Design, Glen’s specialist skills include disaster recovery, IT security, quality management, change management, business systems analysis, statutory compliance, business continuity management and mission critical environments.

Our clients

Here at Riskenomics, we work with companies from a number of sectors – banking, data centres, power plants, investment and trading. The two things they all have in common is firstly a need to ensure that they effectively manage all aspects of premises risk to prevent business interruption.

And secondly? They all use Riskenomics!