Technology partners

Riskenomics has chosen leaders in their field to partner with to provide a complete technology platform for our clients:

  • Dundas Dashboards
  • Star Technology – a Claranet Group company
  • North Communications


Dundas Data Visualization

Riskenomics incorporates Dundas Dashboard, providing the highest level of management reporting dashboard.

Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in advanced data visualization and business dashboard solutions. Dundas’s success over the years is reflected by its many Fortune 500 customers and numerous awards. In 2009, Dundas released Dundas Dashboard, a platform which powers dashboard solutions that help companies quickly spot key trends/patterns and make better business decisions.

In 2010 Dundas Dashboard was awarded “Best of Microsoft Tech-Ed” in the business intelligence category. Today, Dundas Dashboard continues to win awards and receive strong reviews for its innovation and excellence in the areas of business intelligence and data visualization.


Star Technology (a Claranet Group company)

Riskenomics uses Star’s ISP services for hosting client installations.

Star provides on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses utilising an advanced cloud computing platform. Since its foundation in 1995, Star has established an enviable reputation as a genuine innovator in Internet technology and continues to consolidate its status as a leading IT and communication services provider of the very highest calibre, currently looking after 3000 UK business customers and 500,000 end-users.

Star’s UK-based data centres sit within a world-class, national network and communications capability that forms the basis of The Star Platform™. This platform is specifically designed to deliver an extensive, cost-effective range of top quality IT and communication services tailored to the individual needs of UK businesses.

Their technology roadmap provides on-demand cloud computing services to any UK business seeking immediate access to the very latest enterprise-grade technologies, and protects those investments with continued development. With nearly 250 employees working from offices throughout the UK, Star also consistently provides the highest levels of customer service and support.


North Building Technologies

North Building Technologies was formed in the mid-1990s. It develops, manufactures, distributes and supports a range of products for the building control industry. The North product range allows disparate building controls systems such as fire, security, heating and ventilation and power monitoring to interoperate, and provide an integration framework for the management of buildings.

North’s ObServer allows live data feeds from critical plant into Riskenomics. This gives engineers and building managers a live status of any given item of plant and the impact on subsequent systems and processes, all the way up to the enterprise itself.

ObServer 2.0 is a software environment that reduces application engineering for developers of display products and integrated building systems. ObServer 2.0 comprises of a set of modular software applications which are used to communicate with, display information, alarms from, and engineer building-control systems. These systems can be local to ObServer 2.0 or on remote networks.