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Announcing Release 5 of Riskenomics

Here are some of the key benefits of release 5, which is already being deployed to our existing customer base.

And we have also started work on Release 6, which will offer even greater functionality and more dynamic management information generated via our expanding suite of dashboards.

Support for IE10

Riskenomics 5 now supports Internet Explorer 10 making the dependency modelling experience even faster and compatible with the latest release from Microsoft.

Metadata and Workflow Grids

The new metadata and workflow grids allow us to capture even more data without impacting the speed or performance of the platform.

Enhanced Due Date Scheduling (DDS)

The use of DDS is really coming to the fore, especially in the compliance world where timely reminders and alerts are very much welcomed.

The enhancements to the DDS system include capturing ‘Remedial’ issues following a statutory inspection.  Failure to adequately manage Remedial issues following a compliance inspection can result in the certificates being classed as null and void, leaving clients exposed.

DDS Anniversary Scheduling

DDS scheduled events can now be adjusted from the anniversary of the last visit. So, if an inspection takes place 4 weeks early or late, all subsequent visits can be adjusted accordingly, preserving the integrity of the schedule.

Live Feeds

The automatic population of models is required more and more.  In response to this we have developed a range of techniques to receive data securely  including imports via email, FTP, SFTP and even manual uploads of spreadsheets and CSV files.

We can also actively collect data from site by parsing XML pages presented by BMS or Power Monitoring Systems.

New AJAX module

For the techies amongst you, our new AJAX module has greatly improved the speed and performance of Riskenomics!