ISO standards

ISO standards and compliance


Riskenomics provides a full suite of quality standards models under licence from British Standards Institute. When you purchase the model, the price includes the ISO standards.

Whether you are introducing ISO standards for the first time – perhaps into a business function or a new standard, or would like to streamline your quality management, Riskenomics provides a structured approach to compliance.

Instant audit

You can upload evidence to each section of the model, thereby being permanently “audit ready”, which can save hours wasted gathering evidence for an audit, internal or external.

You can use Riskenomics for internal audits. If there are any areas of non-compliance, the model will raise a workflow, with alerts, until compliance is achieved. When the external auditors attend, you will be able to run pre-audit checks with minimum fuss, because you will always know exactly what your compliance status is at any time.

In addition, the auditor could access the system remotely, so may not need to attend site at all.


You can run a model for one site or thousands. With our dashboard console, you can see instant status reports for each site.

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